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Sandblasting for metal preparation prior to coating is vital to acheive the desired outcome.

Batch Powder Coating

We have the ability to powder coat parts up to 30 feet long in one of our three large batch ovens.

Line Powder Coating

Specializing in small to mid-volume orders that require quality coating and competitive pricing. 

Industrial Painting

40 years of experience in the liquid painting industry makes us performance leaders in our field. 


Powder coating is a process that uses electrostatically charged particles to coat parts for a durable, decorative finish. It requires specialized spray equipment to aerate and transfer precision ground thermo-plastic dust onto the surface of the part. The parts are then transferred to an oven to melt the powder into a liquid coating and bond it to the surface of the metal. Once the cure process is completed, the parts are removed from the oven and cooled. There is no additional dry time required for the parts to be packaged for shipment.

Virtually any metal can be powder coated, as long as it is able to hold an electrostatic charge and withstand high heat during the curing process. Metals that can be powder coated include aluminum, steel, bronze, copper, brass, galvanized, titanium, and even lead. However, each metal type may have specific required preparation steps to meet performance requirements. These may include stripping, blasting, sanding, wire brushing, and/or pre-treatment. 

Typically, paint work is more time consuming, so the labor cost is higher than powder. There are many paint systems to choose from, i.e. industrial enamels, epoxies, and urethanes, which vary widely in material and application costs. Powder coating, though less labor intensive in application, requires specialized equipment and a curing process that is more expensive than paint. Usually, all things being equal, powder coating with an in-stock color will be less expensive than paint for the same part. However, items that must be removed for powder coat could be masked for paint, possibly making the paint process the better choice. 

Powder is a harder and more chip resistant coating than paint. There are many color options available, but choices are not flexible or tintable to match. Powder coat is the preferred method for speed of production, impact and wear resistance, and consistent appearance on manufactured items. Powder coating is also an environmentally friendly process with no liquid waste or hazardous VOC emissions.
Paint offers greater chemical properties for corrosion protection and sun fade resistance, and is able to be tinted and mixed in unlimited color options. Paint is the choice for exact color match requirements, oversized parts not able to be baked in an oven, or parts requiring harsh environmental UV stability or corrosion resistance.

Most metal parts can be powder coated in individual component form. For example, a bicycle must be completely taken apart into individual pieces prior to coating each piece. The powder coat process is sensitive to the condition of the metal, so proper cleaning of the part is required. Used parts must be stripped or cleaned to a bare metal condition for a successful powder coat finish.

Due to the wide range of variables that exist in part size and conditions, we do not offer over-the-phone quotes. Budgetary prices can be provided with the submission of photos, but prices are subject to review upon delivery of the parts. If you are a manufacturing company, we can provide on budget pricing from blueprints in PDF, DWG, or DFX format. For a formal quote, please use the contact form below to send us a message and we will reply with an email address to which you can submit a photo or blueprint. 

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