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Street Lighting

Unique and high quality decorative lighting solutions that are built from the individual castings in our captive foundry, then finished with a durable powder coat finish in our production coating facility.

Repair Services

When it comes to unexpected damage, property managers and municipalities rely on our expertise for the occasional need to repair a downed light pole or damaged property structure.


While we are not an automotive restoration shop, we do have the skills and experience for that special project requiring a start to finish restoration.


Legacy is a captive foundry, welding, and machining shop. We start with ingots of aluminum and finish with a completed product. Everything is made in the USA, right here in our own Quad Cities, Davenport, Iowa factory. All electrical components are UL listed and assembled in-house for a complete package that is ready to install.

All of our work is built to order, based on your specifications. 

Legacy is a custom fabrication company giving you the power to design and choose a product that is unique to your property. Our products are constructed on a commercial scale with superior strength, for a beautiful and long-lasting result.

Our product is built to order, so there is significant cost in the development of the first light pole for each order. It is typically cost prohibitive to build one pole, but the price per pole can reduce significantly based on the quantity of the order.

Quotes are provided on an individual basis with a qualified request from a municipality, developer, or licensed contractor. Please use the contact form below to submit a request for a project budgetary cost.

Restoration projects are typically longer term events requiring a combination of an initial deposit, progress payments, and time and material costs. While we do not offer up front quotes for restoration, we can provide an approximate budget range for serious project considerations. Please use the contact form below for more information.

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